Music students

[Translate to English:] Estudante de música

In Centro Musical de Cascais the students have available two types of courses; the applied course and the free course both in various music styles from Classical, Jazz to Pop/Rock.

The applied course is directed towards students who want a deeper knowledge in music and eventually embrace a musical career. It consists in theoretical and practical lessons, either individually or in a group.

The free course does not include theory lessons but some theory is applied during the practical lessons. This course is directed towards students who simply want to learn an instrument in a more relaxed way and whose purpose with music is mainly leisure. We offer both individual and group lessons.


[Translate to English:] Estudante de música

The practical lessons’ schedule is always agreed upon the availability between the student and the teacher. The theory lessons have a fixed timetable.

For more information contact the reception.

The school bases its holidays and school breaks in the Portuguese Nacional Educational System.